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Hello world!

November 8, 2009

At the beginning of any story lies a blank page.  This today is mine.  No one is here, just me.  In these moments of quite, my thoughts are drawn to matters of the heart.  That which I care about, that which I believe in and so much more.

What does alone mean?  Alone physically…no.  I am alone with my thoughts trying to find a balance between objectivity and emotions.  I would reach out for someone to guide me through this, but I would imagine that truth and inner strength comes with triumph over self.  For me, it is fought in my own heart.  It is only me that will ever see my truth, for my heart is only known to me.  I’ll battle it alone and if you are here, then you will watch the journey.  If my emotions tend to seep a little more than objectivity, know the battle is on.

This will not be a terribly serious blog, there are many ideas, stories, pictures and maybe just some things for fun that will find their way to these pages.  Today my content is simple.  It is, as I said before…just the beginning.