The High Desert

One thing I love about my life is that I have a place to go when I need a break. For the moment I live in the lower Red Rock Desert, but the high desert is rural and beautiful.
The Night Sky in the High Desert
The drive to the high desert only takes an hour and a half, the same as my daily commute when I lived in Los Angeles. The mountains here are more barren, but have a different wonder about them. I awoke this morning to snow. Makes it feels like Christmas is already here. A soft white blanket covering everthing.

I can’t even tell you how many times I am asked “What is a high desert?” I guess I have always known myself about it and thought others did too. In the winter months it is cold and snows.
One View of the High Desert
The winds can be quite fierce at times. The elevation is what makes it unique in comparison to the lower desert where I live. Everyone here hunts. The deer and elk have carved out a living here in this barren land.

If you drive up into the hills there are areas that the deer like to come visit. These are areas where hunting isn’t allowed and it is safe to raise their little ones. We came upon a few deer with babies. I rolled down my window and just held out my hand.
Fawns are Curious
The babies who had been laying down stood up and approached me. You can tell by the picture how close they were. These pictures are all taken with my cell phone, no telephoto lens. I have only seen animals up close in a Zoo. These fawns were so innocent…their mothers laid quietly a distance away and just watched. I marveled that they didn’t sense any fear over us being there. I didn’t want the moment to pass. But all things must. I love being here. I feel the earth and its life so much more than when I lived in LA. Such a contrast in life force. A blessing that I will always be grateful for.

The snow doesn’t seem to bother the chickens who are running around in the backyard looking for treats (which is anything the kids didn’t eat that Shell threw out there for them). Almost all of the chickens have names. Fred is Emily’s pet.
Emily & her Pet Fred
Fred is a hen. When outside Fred follows you around like you are one of her sister chicks. Seems to prefer someone that might have food. Ha, I could pretend she just likes me.
Rooster with his Chicks

Recently when the snow was over a foot deep, the chickens (not being as smart as they could be) having forgotten what snow was…jumped out of the coop and into the deep fluffy stuff. Well five of them were buried up to their necks in snow. Shell finally realized those were heads peaking out from the snow and went to see. The chickens had given up, without much effort and decided they were going to die. There was Shell plucking them out of the snow, half-frozen. Fred the dog tried and actually pulled one out. He was so proud bringing the chicken to Shell (by the neck). Laid her at Shell’s feet, licking the chicken, trying to help her to feel better. Shell didn’t think the chicken would survive Jake’s rescue…but she did. They all did that day.
There is only two inches out today and it looks like they are having fun. I am at the breakfast table, and I am looking at chickens in the snow.


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  1. Tooth Fairy Says:

    Thanks for sharing DEER ☺ These are lovely photos & words and thoughts. Plz remember me when wiggly teeth you see and hope you sign Toothfairy’s guestbook online too ☺
    Good-bye, gotta ~FLY~

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