Snow, Kids and a dog named Jake


Spring, by calendar has arrived. The weather in the high desert experiences all four full seasons of the year. The spring is usually speckled here and there with a single day cold of winter snow…with the magic of spring to wipe away the momentary memory of “unassembled snowmen”.


This year the high desert has had so many snow storms it is hard to even remember when the ground wasn’t covered by snow. Two snow storms this week alone.


As beautiful as the snow is to look at, there is something special that happens when you mix certain things together. Today the mix was family, Jayden and Fox from California who had never “played in the snow”;  and Austin, Maddy, Emily who live in the high desert and are regular play friends to the snow.


You might also notice that Jayden and Fox and properly outfitted as you would expect a child to be to play in the snow. This was the first time I noticed the girls were out for a sunny day’s romp in the backyard. Minus coats and anything resembling something warm, they were out have a blast with their cousins.


Of course we can’t forget the final player in our “unassembled snowmen” play date….JAKE. Jake adds half of the fun. I’m not sure why dogs like to eat snow but Jake outdid himself today.


As I snapped pictures I kept seeing Jake with a face full of snow. The snowman went up fast and was actually much taller than I thought he would end up being. The kids quickly decorated the snowman with buttons, smile, nose and eyes. Jake would run up and take a big bite out of the side of newly created snow person.

The pictures tell the tell. Jake began eating the buttons…I guess whomever decided to make things “easy” should have donated something other than cookies.


Jake looks like he is kissing the snowman but he is just trying to nab the “bacon” smile.


The ending to this play date….I was informed that it was a snow-woman. How could I have missed the snowman had boobs.



Snow…kids and of course Jake. It was great fun.


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